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Carre d’ artistes profile publication

Yulia Kuznetsova, alias Kuz, was born in Russia in 1985. Gifted at drawing even in childhood, I decided to develop her talent fully and chose to devote herself entirely to her art. So at age 21, she went to the city of Yaroslavl to begin studying art. Kuz began her career by joining the Efremova Andreya Studio. She stayed three years before attending the Faculty of Art and Crafts and the Faculty of Fine Arts. There, she discovered the Itinerant School, a Russian art movement of the nineteenth century advocating outdoor painting and celebrating the great Slavic areas; their forests, fields and meadows. Kuz would be greatly influenced by its members (including Levitan, Shishkin and Savrasov). Ever since, the artist would attempt to recreate nature in all its splendour and interpret its diversity.

Before addressing each canvas, Kuz moves outdoors and draws the landscape that stretches before her, associating with it a mood, a story or a theme. The artist continually perfects her study with oil painting on cardboard. She then takes her drafts to her workshop and extracts the essence of her final painting. Her paintings are realistic. However, like Picasso (Spanish painter of the twentieth century), she thinks that “everything that can be imagined is real.” This definition of reality thus leads her to interpret landscapes with great artistic freedom, especially in her choice of colour. For her, the work is not finished until a colour balance is achieved. Therefore to her conventional techniques she will add a glazing technique. Using transparent resin, the artist works the shades and creates effects of depth.


Kuz wishes to reveal to the spectator these small patches of preserved nature on which her gaze falls. Each of her paintings awakens our senses and takes us into the peaceful atmosphere of a winter morning or a summer evening. She particularly likes to paint at sunrise and suns”et to capture the paleness or incandescent light. She works the sky and clouds meticulously, which are for her, symbols of life and freedom. “Their moods perfectly transcribe the feelings and emotions of the soul,” she says.
When she is not painting, Kuz spends her time enriching her creativity. She reads “The Masterpiece” by Zola, “Lust for Life” (based on the life of Vincent Van Gogh) by Irving Stone, “The Unknown Masterpiece” by Balzac or visits the Louvre, whose innumerable paintings constantly feed her imagination.


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